There’s not a lot to like about the hot flush. A sudden un-controllable burst of heat, usually around the neck and face area. They normally last between a couple of seconds and a couple of minutes and can leave you a little, well, hot & flustered.
They can occur day or night and can impact on you getting a good nights sleep.
They are, as we know, common with women going through the menopause as the brain can miss read the body’s own thermostat and thinks it is colder than it is.
If you are still looking for a solution you can try everythingscool micro fibre cooling products, neck and wristbands help to reduce hot flushes, can be discreet and are easy to care for. You can also get 15% off with code FIFTEEN at



Working in heat

Even working in moderate heat can leave you feeling a little below your best. The heart rate increases when the body is at above average temperature and produces more sweat. These both have negative effects and can leave you feeling a little drained as well as dehydrated even in moderate heat. Evaporative cooling products stay cool for around 8 hours, offering comfort and relief and increasing energy levels and fluid retention. We have many products including baseball, beanie and skull caps, neck and wristbands and sport vests. All keep you dry and cool.
Here is a review from a builder in Cordoba Spain where it gets very hot.

I’m a builder in Cordoba, Spain. The average temperature here in summer is 45ยบ celsius. I have tried the products offered by everythingscool and they really work. They create an immediate cool sensation throughtout the whole working day. I’ve recommended these products to everyone because they really do work.

You can get 15% off all products with code FIFTEEN at checkout at
Work hard – Stay Cool.

Marathon Runners

Its that time of the year again when some of us will be asking, Did I really sign up for the marathon? Worry not. There is still plenty of time for getting in shape. When I completed the marathon in 2009 time for training was tight. I found a hour maximum several days a week, but found a intense interval session at the gym worked just as well. Hitting the rowing and running machine with short blasts and some extra C.V work. Also ensure full warm up and warm down with plenty of stretches. The first and last 2 miles of the marathon were the worst but I was surprised at how O.k the in between was, although the atmosphere on the day was electric. Make sure you have your name on the vest and enjoy the support. You can also get extra assistance with everythingscool evaporative personal cooling, baseball caps, skull caps, wristbands and the ultimate sports vest. These products are easy to use and stay cool for 8 hours, hopefully enough time to finish the marathon, assisting the body to stay cool has several benefits including more energy as the body can use up to 75% of its energy keeping cool, also the retention of fluids and nutrients due to less perspiration and a more comfortable feeling throughout.

Whatever you wear enjoy the occasion and all that wonderful support.

You can currently get 15% of all goods at with code FIFTEEN at checkout.